Harlem Nocturne

Song Author Earle Hagen og Sid Robin Performer: Mel Tormé Submitted by: jonagust
[Em]A noc - turne [E9]for    [Em]the b[B+]lues, p[Em]layed on [G]a   [Em]bro - [G]ken h[Em]eart s[Am]tring;
It's [Am]wail - ing [A9]out    [Am]the    [Am+7]news my [C7]ba - [C]by is g[B7]one    [Cdim]from      [Em]me.   
[Em]Dark shad - ows [E9]in    [Em]the r[B+]ain, a [Em]tel - [G]e - p[Em]hone t[G]hat w[Em]on't r[Am]ing;   
[Am]Just mem - o - r[A9]ies    [Am]re -   [Am+7] main of [C7]lover[C]s that u[B7]sed    [Cdim] to      [Em]be.   [Bm7b5]    [C7]    [Em]    

[G]I   [Cdim]miss      [Am7]the l[G]aughs [G5]and    [G6]the    [Dm7]fun, [Cdim]my      [G]spot [G5]in    [G6]the    [Dm7]sun,    
[Cdim]When [G]I   [G5]was    [G6]the    [Dm7]one     [Am7]one and [G]on - ly; [G]    [G#]    [A]    [Bb]    [B]    [D]    
The [C7]mu - sic and [Gm7]lights, [Fdim]those      [C7]won - der - ful n[Gm7]ights,
The [D]morn - [Am7]ing m    [Bb]ist, [D9]the t[F]ime  [Cdim] we kis[D7]sed;   

The l[G]aughs [G5]and    [G6]the    [Dm7]fun,    [Cdim(iv)] my d         [G]ays [G5]in    [G6]the    [Dm7]sun,    
[Cdim]They're [G]o - [G5]ver    [G6]and    [Dm7]done and [Am7]I'm     [G]lone - ly. [G]    [G#]    [A]    [Bb]    [B]    [D]    
Don't a[C7]sk me to [Gm7]hide the h[C7]eart - break in -[Gm7] side --
The gl[D]eam - [Am7]ing s    [Bb]park [D9]is g   [G]one  [Bm7b5] the li      [F]ght [Cdim]went d     [B7]ark.   

[Em]This noc - turne [E9]for    [Em]the b[B+]lues t[Em]ook all a[G]nd   [Em]left [G]me n[Em]oth - [Am]in',   
[Am]Noth - in' [A9]but    [Am]the    [Am+7]blues      [C7]til    [C]baby comes [B7]back   [Cdim] to m     [Em]e.   

A noc - turne for the blues, played on a bro - ken heart string;
It's wail - ing out the news my ba - by is gone from me.
Dark shad - ows in the rain, a tel - e - phone that won't ring;
Just mem - o - ries re - main of lovers that used to be.

I miss the laughs and the fun, my spot in the sun,
When I was the one one and on - ly;
The mu - sic and lights, those won - der - ful nights,
The morn - ing mist, the time we kissed;

The laughs and the fun,[Cdim(IV)] my days in the sun,
They're o - ver and done and I'm lone - ly.
Don't ask me to hide the heart - break in - side --
The gleam - ing spark is gone the light went dark.

This noc - turne for the blues took all and left me noth - in',
Noth - in' but the blues til baby comes back to me.


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