Goodbye Lefty

Song Author Merle Haggard Performer: Merle Haggard Submitted by: Anonymous

[G]I'd love to hear a [D7]jukebox [G]play
I love you a [C]thousand [G]ways
Or if [C]you've got the [G]money I've got the [D7]time   
I'd walk a [G]mile for [D7]Mom and [G]Dad  
And the good times [C]that we [G]had  
Look what [C]thoughts will do
When you [G]sing old [D7]pal of [G]mine

But the [D7]old old man is gone
There'll be [C]no more Lefty [G]songs
How [C]much he meant to [G]me nobody [D7]knows
The long black [G]veil that [D7]Alice [G]wore
Like words he sang some [C]years be[G]fore
[C]She loved him [G]too [D7]that's the way love [G]goes

I'd love to hear a jukebox play
I love you a thousand ways
Or if you've got the money I've got the time
I'd walk a mile for Mom and Dad
And the good times that we had
Look what thoughts will do
When you sing old pal of mine

But the old old man is gone
There'll be no more Lefty songs
How much he meant to me nobody knows
The long black veil that Alice wore
Like words he sang some years before
She loved him too that's the way love goes


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