Gone With The Wind

Song Author Herb Magidson og Allie Wrubel Performer: Mel Tormé Submitted by: jonagust

[Em7]Gone     [A7]with the w[D6]ind, [Bm7]    
[Em7]Just like a l[A7]eaf that has b[D6]lown a[Bm7]stay;    
[Em7]Gone     [A7]with the w[D6]ind, [Bm7]    
[Em7]My l    [A7]over has f[D6]lown a[Bm7]way.    
[Gm7]Yesterday's k[A7]isses are s[G/B]till on my l[A7]ips; [Edim]    
[Em7]I fo    [A7]und a [G/B]lifetime of[A7sus4] heav -        [A7]en    [Bm]at my [Bm7/E] fin - ger - [Bm7-5]tips. [A7]    

But [Em7]now a    [A7]ll is g[D6]one, [Bm7]    
[Em7]Gone is the r[A7]apture that th[D6]rilled my [Bm7]heart,
[Em7]Gone     [A7]with the w[D6]ind, [Bm7]    
[Em7]The g    [A7]ladness that s[D6]tilled my [Bm7]heart.
[G/E]Just like a f[A7]lame, [G+7]love bu[G6]rned [A7sus4]brightly,
T[A7]hen be[E7]came an [G]empty s[G/F#]moke dream that has [Em7]gone,    
[A7]Gone with the w[D6]ind.   

Gone with the wind,
Just like a leaf that has blown astay;
Gone with the wind,
My lover has flown away.
Yesterday's kisses are still on my lips;
I found a lifetime of heav - en at my fin - ger - [Bm7-5]tips.

But now all is gone,
Gone is the rapture that thrilled my heart,
Gone with the wind,
The gladness that stilled my heart.
Just like a flame, love burned brightly,
Then became an empty smoke dream that has gone,
Gone with the wind.


  • Em7
  • A7
  • D6
  • Bm7
  • Gm7
  • G/B
  • Edim
  • A7sus4
  • Bm
  • Bm7/E
  • G/E
  • Gaug7: not exist
  • G6
  • E7
  • G
  • G/F#

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