Get Real

Song Author Kelly Willis Submitted by: Anonymous
[A]Get Real [A/D]    
[F#m]This aint the w[E]ay we used to fe[A]el   [A/D]    
[F#m]What we once e[E]arned we have to [D]steel[E]    
[D]Conceal i[E]t ain't r[A]eal [A/D]    [F#m]    [E]    
[A]Come On [A/D]    
[F#m]We've been de[E]fending for so l[A]ong [A/D]    
[F#m]I don't know [E]who we're trying to c[D]on [E]    
[D]It's g[E]one so come [A]on [Aasus]    
[D]We're just pr[G]etending t[D]hat it's l[A]ov  [Asus]e      [A]    [Asus]    
It's a [D]sha  [G]me   [D]i don't know w[G]ho to b[D]lame
[A]But i k[D]now e[E]nough
Get [A]Real[A/D]    
[F#m]It's time w[E]e both put down our s[A]hields [A/D]    
[F#m]You see we b[E]oth lost in this [D]deal[E]    
[D]Oh G[E]et R[A]eal  

Get Real
This aint the way we used to feel
What we once earned we have to steel
Conceal it ain't real
Come On
We've been defending for so long
I don't know who we're trying to con
It's gone so come on
We're just pretending that it's love
It's a shame i don't know who to blame
But i know enough
Get Real
It's time we both put down our shields
You see we both lost in this deal
Oh Get Real


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