Friendly Persuasion (Thee I Love)

Song Author Paul Francis Webster og Dimitri Tiomkin Performer: Pat Boone Submitted by: kjartansverrisson

T[A7]hee   [Em7] I     [Dalt]love,      [B7] mo[G]re   [G/F#]than the m[A]ea - [Em7]dow so gr[D]een and s[B7]till   
M[G]ore t[G/F#]han the m[A]ul -[Fdim(iii)] ber - ries [D]on the h[B7]ill   
M[G]ore t[G/F#]han the b[A]uds [Em7]on a     [F#m]May     [D9]ap - ple t[Emy]ree,    [A7] I l   [G]ove [D]thee
A[G]rms have [D]I, s[B7]trong as the o[Em]ak, f[A]or   [Edim]this oc -[Gdim] ca - s[D]ion  
[Fdim(iii)] Lips have          [C#7] I, to [Edim]kiss thee, t[D]oo, [G]in fr[D]iend - [F#m]ly per - s[G]ua - s[A7]ion   

T[A7]hee   [Em7] is     [Dalt]mine,      [B7] th[G]ough[G/F#] I don't k[A]now [Em7]ma - ny w[D]ords of p[B7]raise
[G]Thee [G/F#]plea - su[A]res me[Fdim(iii)] in a h[D]un - dred w[B7]ays   
[G]Put  [G/F#] on your b[A]on - [Em7]net, your [F#m]cape, a[D9]nd your g[Em7]love    
[G/B]And     [Em7]come     [Bm7]with     [E]me, for the[A7]e I   [Em7] lov    [G]e,  
And c[G]ome with [D]me, [A7]for    [Em7]thee    [Edim] I l     [D]ove.

Thee I love, more than the mea - dow so green and still
More than the mul -[Fdim(III)] ber - ries on the hill
More than the buds on a May ap - ple tree, I love thee
Arms have I, strong as the oak, for this oc - ca - sion
[Fdim(III)] Lips have I, to kiss thee, too, in friend - ly per - sua - sion

Thee is mine, though I don't know ma - ny words of praise
Thee plea - sures me[Fdim(III)] in a hun - dred ways
Put on your bon - net, your cape, and your glove
And come with me, for thee I love,
And come with me, for thee I love.


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  • Emy: not exist
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