Foreign Affair

Song Author Tom Waits Lyrics by: Tom Waits Performer: Tom Waits Submitted by: cazteclo
[Cmaj9]    [Am7]    [Dm9]    [G7]    [C/G]    [Cmaj9]    [Am7]    [Dm9]    [G7(13)]    
When tr[Cmaj9]avelling abr[Am7]oad in the con[Dm9]tinental sty[G7]le,   

it’s my be[Cmaj9]lief one must attem[Dm7]pt to b[G7(13)]e discree[C]t,  [Am7]    [Dm9]    [G7sus4]    
[G7] and s[Cmaj9]ubsequently be[Am7]ar in mind your tra[Dm7]nsient posi[G7sus4] ti       [G7(13)]on       
all[Cmaj9]ows you a perspe[Dm7]ctive tha[G7(13)]t’s uni       [Cmaj9]que.       [Am7]    

And though you’ll [Dm7]find your i[G7sus4]tine        [G7] rary a b[Cmaj9]lessing and a c[Am7]urse,    
your w[Dm7]anderlust won’t l[G7(13)]et you settle d[Cmaj9]own.       [Am7]    
And you’ll wo[Dm9]nder how you e[G9(13)]ver fathomed [Cmaj9]that you’d be conte[Am7]nt    
to stay with[Dm9]in the city limits of a s[G7sus4]mall midwestern town.

Most vagab[Cmaj9]onds I kno[Am7]wed don’t ever wa[Dm7]nt to find the cu[G7sus4]lprit        [G7]    
that rem[Cmaj9]ains the object o[Am7]f their long rele[Dm7]ntless q[G7(13)]uest.       
[E7/G#] The obs[Am7]ession’s in the ch[Am7/G]asing and [Dm9]not the appreh[G7sus4]ending.       [G7(13)]    
The purs[Cmaj7]uit, you see, and ne[Dm9]ver th[G7(13)]e ar r       [Cmaj9]est.       [Am7]    [Dm9]    [G7sus4]    

Without f[E7sus4/B]ear of contrad[E7/B]iction, bon voy[Am7]age is always h[D7/A]ollered
in conju[Dm7]nction with a h[G7]andkerchi[G7(13)]ef from sh[Cmaj9]ore,       [Am7]    
by a g[Esus4/B]irl who drives a R[E7/B]ambler and f[Am7]urthermore
is o[D7/A]verly con[Dm7]cerned that she won’t see him anym[G7sus4]ore.       

[G7(13)]Planes and trains and b[Cmaj7]oats and buses
character[Dm7]istically [G7(13)]    [Cmaj9]evoke a common a[Am7]ttitude of bl[Dm9]ue,     [G7]    
[E7/G#] un      [Am7]less you have a su[Am7/G]itcase and a t[Dm9]icket and a p[G7sus4]assport       [G7(13)]    
and the c[Cmaj9]argo that they’re car[Dm7]rying is[G7(13)] y       [Cmaj9]ou.       [Am7]    [Dm9]    

[G7sus4]A foreign aff[Cmaj9]air,       [Am7]juxtapo[Dm9]sed with a sta[G7sus4]teside       
[G7(13)]and dom       [Cmaj9]estically approved roman[Am7]tic fa[Dm7]ncy,    [G7sus4]    
[E7/G#]is myst      [Am7]eriously attr[Am7/G]active due to c[Dm9]ircumstances, k[G7sus4]nowing       
[G7(13)]it will        [Cmaj9]only be parla[Am7]yed into a
[Dm9]me     [G7sus4] mo        [G7(13)]    [Cmaj9]ry       [Am7]    [Dm9]    [G7sus4]    [C]    

When travelling abroad in the continental style,

it’s my belief one must attempt to b[G7(13)]e discreet,
and subsequently bear in mind your transient posi ti[G7(13)]on
allows you a perspective tha[G7(13)]t’s unique.

And though you’ll find your itine rary a blessing and a curse,
your wanderlust won’t l[G7(13)]et you settle down.
And you’ll wonder how you e[G9(13)]ver fathomed that you’d be content
to stay within the city limits of a small midwestern town.

Most vagabonds I knowed don’t ever want to find the culprit
that remains the object of their long relentless q[G7(13)]uest.
The obsession’s in the chasing and not the apprehending.[G7(13)]
The pursuit, you see, and never th[G7(13)]e ar rest.

Without fear of contradiction, bon voyage is always hollered
in conjunction with a handkerchi[G7(13)]ef from shore,
by a girl who drives a Rambler and furthermore
is overly concerned that she won’t see him anymore.

[G7(13)]Planes and trains and boats and buses
characteristically [G7(13)] evoke a common attitude of blue,
unless you have a suitcase and a ticket and a passport[G7(13)]
and the cargo that they’re carrying is[G7(13)] you.

A foreign affair, juxtaposed with a stateside
[G7(13)]and domestically approved romantic fancy,
is mysteriously attractive due to circumstances, knowing
[G7(13)]it will only be parlayed into a
me mo [G7(13)] ry


  • Cmaj9
  • Am7
  • Dm9
  • G7
  • C/G
  • Dm7
  • C
  • G7sus4
  • E7/G#
  • Am7/G
  • Cmaj7
  • E7sus4/B
  • E7/B
  • D7/A
  • Esus4/B

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