For You, For Me, For Evermore

Song Author Ira og George Gershwin Performer: Judy Garland og Dick Haymes Submitted by: jonagust

For y[D]ou, for [E7]me, for [Em7]everm    [A7]ore, [Em7]    [A7]    
It's [D]bound to[E7] be for [Em7]everm    [A7]ore, [Em7]    [A7]    
It's [Am7]plain to s[D7]ee,   
We f[Am7]ound by f[D7]inding each o[G]ther,
The l[Bm7]ove we [Bm7-5]waited       [E7]for.   

I'm [D]yours, you're m[E7]ine and [Em7]in our h[A7]earts[Em7]    [A7]    
The h[Am7]appy     [D7]ending st[G]arts. [C9]    
What a l[D]ovely w[F#m7]orld this w[Em7]orld will [A7]be,   
With a w[D]orld of [Bm7-5]love in [C9]store
[E7]For    [Em7]you, for [D]me, for [Em7]ev -     [A7]er - m[D]ore!

For you, for me, for evermore,
It's bound to be for evermore,
It's plain to see,
We found by finding each other,
The love we [Bm7-5]waited for.

I'm yours, you're mine and in our hearts
The happy ending starts.
What a lovely world this world will be,
With a world of [Bm7-5]love in store
For you, for me, for ev - er - more!


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