Fascinatin Rhythm

Song Author George Gershin Lyrics by: George Gershin Performer: Susannah McCorkle Submitted by: Anonymous
[G]Got a l[G6]ittle r[G7]hy - [G6]thm, [G]a r  [G7]hy - [G6]thm, [G]a r  [G7]hy - [G6]thm    [G]    
That [G6]pitter-p[G7]ats    [G6]in my br[G]ain,
[G]So d[G6]arn per - [G7]sis - t[G6]ent, t[G]he d[G7]ay    [G6]is - [G]n't d[G7]is - [G6]tant   
When [G]it'll [Am7]drive [Dm7]me     [Am7]in - s[G]ane;
C[C]omes [Am]in the m[C7]orn - [Am]ing, [C]with - [C7]out    [Am]an - y w[C]arn - [C7]ing   
And [C]hangs a - [Am]round [C7]me    [Am]all d[C7/9]ay;     
I'll h[C]ave to s[Am]neak up [C7]to    [Am]it, some - [D9]day and s[Am7]peak up [D7]to it --
I h[C]ope it [Am]lis - tens w[C7]hen I s[D7]ay   

[Am7]Fas - ci - [C]na - tin' r[D7]hy - thm, you'[Am7]ve got [C]me on t[D7]he go;
[Am7]Fas - ci - [C]na - tin' [D7]rhy - thm, I'm [Am7]all a-q[D7]uiv - er.
[Dm7]What a [F]mess you're [G7]mak - ing, the n[Dm7]eigh - bors w[F]ant to [G7]know   
[Dm7]Why I'm [F]always s[G7]haking, just [Dm7]like a f[G7]livver.
[C]Each [C/B]morning[Am7] I get[Cdim] up with the [G]sun, [G/F#]    
S[G/B]tart a-[Am7]hop - ping, n[D9]ev - er s[Am7]top - ping.
[A]To   [Em7]find, that n[A7]ight, no [G/B]work has [A7]been d[D7]one.   
I k[C]now [C/B]that o[Am7]nce it d[C]id - n't [D7]mat - ter,
But [Am7]now you're do - ing wr[D7]ong   
[Am7]When you st[C]art to [D7]pat - ter, I'm [C]so un - h[D7]ap - py;
[Dm7]Won't you [F]take a d[G7]ay off, de - c[Dm7]ide to r[F]un a - lo[G7]ng   
S[Dm7]ome - where f[F]ar a - w[G7]ay off, and m[Dm7]ake it s[G7]nap - py?
[C]Oh, [C/B]how I l[Am7]ong to [D7]be    [Am7]the g    [D7]irl I[B7] used to b[E7]e --   
[Am]Fas - ci - [C]na - tin' r[D7]hy - thm,
Oh, [Am]won't you s[C]top p[D7]ick - ing[Am7] on     [G]me?  

Got a little rhy - thm, a rhy - thm, a rhy - thm
That pitter-pats in my brain,
So darn per - sis - tent, the day is - n't dis - tant
When it'll drive me in - sane;
Comes in the morn - ing, with - out an - y warn - ing
And hangs a - round me all day;
I'll have to sneak up to it, some - day and speak up to it --
I hope it lis - tens when I say

Fas - ci - na - tin' rhy - thm, you've got me on the go;
Fas - ci - na - tin' rhy - thm, I'm all a-quiv - er.
What a mess you're mak - ing, the neigh - bors want to know
Why I'm always shaking, just like a flivver.
Each morning I get up with the sun,
Start a-hop - ping, nev - er stop - ping.
To find, that night, no work has been done.
I know that once it did - n't mat - ter,
But now you're do - ing wrong
When you start to pat - ter, I'm so un - hap - py;
Won't you take a day off, de - cide to run a - long
Some - where far a - way off, and make it snap - py?
Oh, how I long to be the girl I used to be --
Fas - ci - na - tin' rhy - thm,
Oh, won't you stop pick - ing on me?


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