Faraway Places

Song Author Joan Whitney og Alex Kramer Lyrics by: Joan Whitney og Alex Kramer Performer: Margaret Whiting Submitted by: Anonymous
[E]Far-away places with strange-[E6]sounding [E]names,
Far away [F#m]over the [B7]sea;   
Those f[E]ar-away p[E+7]laces with the st[A9]range-s[A-9]ound-i[A]ng na[Am6]mes    
Are c[E]alling, [B7]calling m[E]e. [Edim]    [B7]    
[E]Goin' to China, or may[E6]be Si[E]am;  
I want to s[F#m]ee for myse[B7]lf   
Those f[E]ar-away pl[E+7]aces I've been r[A9]ead - [A-9]ing     [A]a - [Am6]bout    
In a b[E]ook that I t[B7]ook from the s[E]helf.

[E7]I st   [A]art getting restless whe[Bm7-5]never I h[E]ear  
[C7]The    [B7]whistle [Bm7-5] of a tr[E]ain; [E7]    
I p[A]ray for the [B7]day I can [E]get underway
A[B7]nd l   [F#7]ook for those castles in Sp[F#m7]ain. [B7]    

[E]They call me a dreamer — [E6]well, ma[E]ybe I am,
But I know that I'm [F#m]burning to [B7]see   
Those [E]far-away p[E+7]laces with the s[A]trange-s[Am7]ound-    [A7]ing na[D9]mes   
Ca[E]lling, c[B7]alling [G#7]me. [G7]    [F#m7]    [F7+9]    [E6]    

Far-away places with strange-sounding names,
Far away over the sea;
Those far-away places with the strange-s[A-9]ound-ing names
Are calling, calling me.
Goin' to China, or maybe Siam;
I want to see for myself
Those far-away places I've been read - [A-9]ing a - bout
In a book that I took from the shelf.

I start getting restless whe[Bm7-5]never I hear
The whistle [Bm7-5] of a train;
I pray for the day I can get underway
And look for those castles in Spain.

They call me a dreamer — well, maybe I am,
But I know that I'm burning to see
Those far-away places with the strange-sound-ing names
Calling, calling me.


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