Song Author Gunnar Bjarni Ragnarsson Lyrics by: Gunnar Bjarni Ragnarsson Performer: Jet Black Joe Submitted by: 567821884
[B]I'm in a [G#]dream I'm [E]falling
[Gm]falling [Dm]far away from [Am]you   
[B]You called my [G#]name so [E]slowly
[Gm]when the [Dm]echoes fade a[Am]way   

[C]I'm falling [Am]far away from [G]you  
[Bm]I don't know wh[D]ere I'm going [A]to  
[C#m]If there's [E]something
that will [B]help me.

I'm in a dream I'm falling
falling far away from you
You called my name so slowly
when the echoes fade away

I'm falling far away from you
I don't know where I'm going to
If there's something
that will help me.


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