Experience Unnecessary

[A]I w  [E7]ant    [A]a m  [D]an   [F#7] to hold me t[B7]ight,
I [Cdim]want a [G]man [Em7] to [Gdim]kiss goodni[D]ght;
If[Cdim] he is y[Em7]oung and f[A7]ree, just s[D]end him[F#m] to     [Bm]me --
Ex - [E7/9]per -     [E7] i - [E7alt]ence       [E7]un -   [Bm7-5] nec - es -[Cdim] sa -      [A7]ry.   

[A]I w  [E7]ant    [A]a m  [D]an   [F#7] with lots of c[B7]harm,
I [Cdim]want a [G]man,[Em7] no f[Gdim]alse al[D]arm,
The [Cdim]kind of [Em7]guy who'll[A7] kiss my te[D]ars whe[F#m]n I     [Bm]cry --
Ex - [E7/9]per -     [E7] i - [E7alt]ence       [E7]un -   [Bm7-5] nec - es -[Cdim] sa -      [D]ry.  

If [D7]he is [A7]big    [Em7]and s    [A7]trong [Em7]and     [A7]will -[Gdim] ing      [Cdim] to le[A7]arn,   
There [D6]are such th[Em7]rills    [Edim] in st     [D6]ore!   
And [F#7]when the [Bm7]lights are [F#7]dim and [Bm7]I'm cl[G]ose to [F#7]him,    
I'll t[A]each him what my [E7]lips [D9]are f[A7]or.   

[A]I w  [E7]ant    [A]a m  [D]an   [F#7] a - round the h[B7]ouse;
I [Cdim]want a [G]man,[Em7] not [Gdim]just a m[D]ouse.
We'll [Cdim]spend a [Em7]co - zy l[A7]ife as h[D]us - band [F#m]and     [Bm]wife --
Ex - [E7/9]per -     [E7] i - [E7alt]ence       [E7]un -   [Bm7-5] nec - es -[Cdim] sa -      [A7]ry.   

I want a man to hold me tight,
I want a man to kiss goodnight;
If he is young and free, just send him to me --
Ex - per - i - ence un -[Bm7-5] nec - es - sa - ry.

I want a man with lots of charm,
I want a man, no false alarm,
The kind of guy who'll kiss my tears when I cry --
Ex - per - i - ence un -[Bm7-5] nec - es - sa - ry.

If he is big and strong and will - ing to learn,
There are such thrills in store!
And when the lights are dim and I'm close to him,
I'll teach him what my lips are for.

I want a man a - round the house;
I want a man, not just a mouse.
We'll spend a co - zy life as hus - band and wife --
Ex - per - i - ence un -[Bm7-5] nec - es - sa - ry.


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