Exceeding joy

Song Author Hillsong Music Australia Submitted by: Anonymous
[F]    [C/F]    [Bb/F]    
[F] I have found exceeding[C/F] joy [Bb/F]    [F]    
Jesus answered when I cal[C/F]led [Bb/F]    
This Name that[Gm7] has saved me [Csus]    [C]    
[Gm7]Pure love that embraced me[F/C]    [C]    

[F] Mercy grace eternal [C/F]life [Bb/F]    [F]    
Bought from darkness to His light[C/F]    [Bb/F]    
While los[Gm7]t in my sin[Csus] He      [C]    
R[Bb/D]aised me[Dm] and made[Csus] me live [Bb/C]    

My sou[F]l magni[Eb/F]fies the L[Bb]ord   
My hea[F]rt joys[Eb/F] in God my Sav[Bb]iour [F/A]    
For He[Gm7] lifts the lo[F/C]w -     [C]ly  
[Gm7]He's done great thin[F/C]gs for me [C]    
I will [F]sing p[Eb/F]raising everm[Bb]ore   
He is mig[Gm7]hty and Holy[Csus] is H     [C]is Name [F]    

[F] I will lift my [C/F]head up hig[Bb/F]h      [F]    
Praising Jesus through[C/F] each trial [Bb/F]    
Though I ha[Gm7]ve not seen[Csus] Him      [C]    
I [Bb/D]love Hi[Dm]m compl[Csus]etely     [Bb/C]    

[Bb]    [Csus]    [Gm]    [Dm]    [Csus]    [C]    [Bb]    [Csus]    [C]    [Gm]    [Dm]    [C]    

I have found exceeding joy
Jesus answered when I called
This Name that has saved me
Pure love that embraced me

Mercy grace eternal life
Bought from darkness to His light
While lost in my sin He
Raised me and made me live

My soul magnifies the Lord
My heart joys in God my Saviour
For He lifts the low - ly
He's done great things for me
I will sing praising evermore
He is mighty and Holy is His Name

I will lift my head up high
Praising Jesus through each trial
Though I have not seen Him
I love Him completely


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