Song Author Johnny Mathis Submitted by: Anonymous
T[Bm]here ain' t no fut[D]ure in it [Em] Evie [A]    
W[Em]e never shoul[A]d begin it Evie [D]    [Am]    [D7]    [G]    
Someone's already writ[D/F#]ten a song for you[Em]    
Y[F#]ou' re so righ[Bm]t f[Bm7+]or me [Bm7]    
B[Bm6]ut I' m a [Em]wrong for yo[C]u [F#]    
[Bm]If times was hal[D]f a nice guy Ev[Em]ie [A]    
W[Em]e might have had a ni[A]ce try Evie, oh Evi[D]e [Am]    [D7]    [G]    
But sometimes a single moment[D/F#]    
C[C#m7/5-]hanges a[F#]ll the o[Bm]nes that follow [Bm/A]    
A[G]nd though its doom
Then dawn,[Em]then dying [A]    
S[F#m]omething in we won' t s[Bm]top trying
E[Em]vie it' s up t[A]o y[Bm]ou.    [...]    

[D]    [Em]    [A]    [D]    [Am]    [D7]    
So[G]metimes a single mom[D/F#]ent...     

E[Em]vie it' s up [A]to y[Bb]ou. [Eb]    [C]    [D]    

There ain' t no future in it Evie
We never should begin it Evie
Someone's already written a song for you
You' re so right for me
But I' m a wrong for you
If times was half a nice guy Evie
We might have had a nice try Evie, oh Evie
But sometimes a single moment
C[C#m7/5-]hanges all the ones that follow
And though its doom
Then dawn,then dying
Something in we won' t stop trying
Evie it' s up to you. [...]

Sometimes a single moment...

Evie it' s up to you.


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