Song Author Buck Ram Performer: The Platters Submitted by: jonagust

L[D]iving [A7]is a dr[D7]eam w[G]hen you [G/F#]make it [Em7]seem ench[D]anted [Gdim]    [D]    
L[D]overs [Fdim]take for gr[A]anted [Em7]    [A7]    
A[G]ll the w[Edim]orld's agl[D]ow  [Cdim] -- they ought to [Em7]know. [A7]    

[D]When you to[A7]uch a s[D7]tar t[G]hen you [G/F#]really [Em7]are enc[D]hanted[Gdim]    [D]    
[D]Find a[Fdim] seed and p[A]lant it,[Em7]    [A7]    
[A]Love will [Edim]make it g[D]row.[G]    [D]    

[D7]It's really g[G]rand when you s[G/F#]tand     
Hand in h[Em7]and with your l[G7]over   
And th[D]rill to the [G]wonders of n[D]ight [Dm7]    [D7]    
And d[E7]ays, too,[Bm7-5] will a      [E7]maze you[Cdim] and s     [E7]oon    [Bm7-5]you'll dis - [E7]cov -[E7/9] er     
Your d[A]reams run to d[E7]reams in cont[A]inu  [Am7]ous f    [A7]light

[D]Love is [A7]ecsta[D7]sy, i[G]t's di[G/F#]vine to [Em7]be ench[D]anted [Gdim]    [D]    
[D]When your [Fdim]dreams are s[A]lanted [Em7]    [A7]    
[A7]Through a [Edim]lover's e[D]yes.[Gm7]    [D]    

Living is a dream when you make it seem enchanted
Lovers take for granted
All the world's aglow -- they ought to know.

When you touch a star then you really are enchanted
Find a seed and plant it,
Love will make it grow.

It's really grand when you stand
Hand in hand with your lover
And thrill to the wonders of night
And days, too,[Bm7-5] will amaze you and soon [Bm7-5]you'll dis - cov - er
Your dreams run to dreams in continuous flight

Love is ecstasy, it's divine to be enchanted
When your dreams are slanted
Through a lover's eyes.


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