Song Author Johnny Mercer og Johnny Mandel Lyrics by: Johnny Mercer og Johnny Mandel Performer: Andy Williams Submitted by: Anonymous
[Dm7]Emily, [G6/9]Emily, [Em7]Emily [A7]    
[Em7]Has     [A7]the    [D6]murmuring s[D9]ound [D7/9] of M     [G]ay [Gdim]    
[A]All [B]silver bells, [G#7]coral shells, [C#m7]carousels[F#7]    
And the [Bm7]laughter[Bm7/E] of c      [E7]hild - [E7/6]ren at [A7]play [A7+5]--      [Gdim]they      [A7+5]say     

"[Dm7]Emily, [G6/9]Emily, [Em7]Emily" [A7]    
[Em7]And     [A7]we f   [D]ade [D9]to    [D]a   [D7]mar -[D7/9] vel - [D]ous v[G]iew  
[Gdim]Two      [Bm]lov -[F#7] ers    [Em7] a -     [F#m]lone    [Fdim] and      [F#m]out of sight [B7]    
[Cdim]See -      [B7]ing    [G]images[G/F#]    [Em7]    [A]in   [A7]the    [Cdim]firelight [B7]    
[A7]As my [G]eyes [G/F#]vis - ual - [A7]ize    [G]a f  [F#m]amily [B7]    
[Cdim]They      [B7]see d[Em7]reamily, [A7]Emily [D]    

[Dm7]    [G6/9]    [Em7]    [A7]    
[Em7]    [A7]    [D]    [D9]    [D]    [D7]    [D7/9]    [D]    [G]    
[A7]As my [G]eyes [G/F#]vis - ual - [A7]ize    [G]a f  [F#m]amily [B7]    
[Cdim]They      [B7]see E[Em7]mily, [A7]Emily,[A7+5] t     [D]oo. [G/B]    [A7+5]    [D6]    

Emily, Emily, Emily
Has the murmuring sound of May
All silver bells, coral shells, carousels
And the laughter of child - ren at play -- they say

"Emily, Emily, Emily"
And we fade to a mar - vel - ous view
Two lov - ers a - lone and out of sight
See - ing images in the firelight
As my eyes vis - ual - ize a family
They see dreamily, Emily

As my eyes vis - ual - ize a family
They see Emily, Emily, too.


  • Dm7
  • G6/9
  • Em7
  • A7
  • D6
  • D9
  • D7/9
  • G
  • Gdim
  • A
  • B
  • G#7
  • C#m7
  • F#7
  • Bm7
  • Bm7/E
  • E7
  • E7/6
  • A7aug5: not exist
  • D
  • D7
  • Bm
  • F#m
  • Fdim
  • B7
  • Cdim
  • G/F#
  • G/B

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