Elmers Tune

Song Author Dick Jurgens , Elmer Albrecht og Sammy Gallop Performer: Glenn Miller Submitted by: Anonymous
Wh[G]y a  [A]re   [Bb]the st[G]ars always w[Dm7]inkin' and bl[G]inkin' ab[G7]ove?   
What makes a f[C6]ellow start t[C]hinkin' of f[F]allin' [Fm]in lo[C]ve?  
It's n[C6]ot the s[G]eason -- the r[Dm7]eason is pl[G]ain as the [Dm7]moon --
[D9]It's j[D7]ust    [G]El - m[G9]er's T[C]une. [Fdim(iii)]    [G]    

What m[Dm7]akes a l[G]ady of [Dm7]eighty go o[G]ut on the l[G7]oose?
Why does a [C6]gander me[C]ander in se[F]arch [Fm]of a go[C]ose?
What p[C6]uts the k[G]ick in a c[Dm7]hicken, the m[G]agic in J[Dm7]une?    
[D9]It's j[D7]ust    [G]El - m[G9]er's T[C]une.

[F]Lis  [C]ten, list[F]en, there's a lot[Fm] you'[Fdim]re liabl[C]e to be missin'.
[D7]Sing it,[Am7] sw[D7]ing it,[Am7]    [G]any old [Am]way and [G]any old t[G7]ime.   

The [Dm7]hurdy-g[G]urdies, the [Dm7]birdies, the c[G]op on the b[G7]eat,   
The c[C6]andy m[C]aker, the b[F]aker, the [Fm]man on the str[C]eet,
The [C6]city c[G]harmer, the f[Dm7]armer, the [G]man in the [Dm7]moon    
[D9]All s[D7]ing    [G]El - m[G9]er's T[C]une. [C/B]    [A7]    [D9]    [D7]    [G]    [Gaug]    [C]    

Why are the stars always winkin' and blinkin' above?
What makes a fellow start thinkin' of fallin' in love?
It's not the season -- the reason is plain as the moon --
It's just El - mer's Tune. [Fdim(III)]

What makes a lady of eighty go out on the loose?
Why does a gander meander in search of a goose?
What puts the kick in a chicken, the magic in June?
It's just El - mer's Tune.

Listen, listen, there's a lot you're liable to be missin'.
Sing it, swing it, any old way and any old time.

The hurdy-gurdies, the birdies, the cop on the beat,
The candy maker, the baker, the man on the street,
The city charmer, the farmer, the man in the moon
All sing El - mer's Tune.


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