Ebb tide

Song Author Frank Sinatra Submitted by: Anonymous

[F]First the t[Bb7m]ide rushes [Gm7]in    
Plants a k[Cm7]iss on the sh[F]ore  
Then [Bb7m]rolls out to sea[Ab]    
And the [G7]sea is very s[Ebm6]till once m[F7]ore   
So I r[Bb7m]ush to your [Gm7]side    
Like the [Cm7]on...coming t[F]ide  
With [Bb7m]one burning th[Ab]ought
Will your a[G7]rms open [Cm7]wide    
At last we're face to f[D7]ace   
And as we k[Gm7]iss through an emb[Ebm6]race     
I can [Bb7m]tell, I can fe[Bb5+]el     
You are l[Gm7]ove, you are r[Cm7]eal    
[F7]Really m[Bb7m]ine     
In the r[Gm7]ain, in the d[Ebm6]ark, in the s[Cm7]un    
[F]Like the t[Bb7m]ide at its e[Gm7]bb I'm at p[Cm7]eace in the w[F]eb  
Of your arms


First the tide rushes in
Plants a kiss on the shore
Then rolls out to sea
And the sea is very still once more
So I rush to your side
Like the on...coming tide
With one burning thought
Will your arms open wide
At last we're face to face
And as we kiss through an embrace
I can tell, I can feel
You are love, you are real
Really mine
In the rain, in the dark, in the sun
Like the tide at its ebb I'm at peace in the web
Of your arms


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