Easy Street

Song Author Alan Rankin Jones Performer: Julie London Submitted by: Anonymous
E[A]asy Str[F#m]eet,     [D9] I'd lo[E7]ve to live on [A]Easy St[A7]reet.[D9]    
No[Dm6]body     [E7-9]works on [A]Easy S[F#7]treet --
[D9]Just lie aro[E7]und all d[A9]ay, [F#m]    
Just [D9]sit and[Bm7-5] play the [E7-9] hor - [E7]ses.   

[A]Life is s[F#m]weet     [D9] for f[E7]olks who live on E[A]asy S[A7]treet[D9]    
[Dalt]No w     [D6]eekly [Dm6]payments [A]you must [F#7]meet    
[Dalt]That makes your [E7/9]hair turn g[A9]rey.   

W[A]hen [A9]op - [A7]por - [D9]tu - ni[D]ty comes k[D9]nock - [D]in',
You just [D9]keep [Dm]on with your [D9]rock -[Dm] in'   
'Cause you k[A9]now y[A]our [A9]for - t[A]une's m[A7]ade;   
[A]And [A9]if    [A7]the s[D9]un makes y[D]ou per - s[D9]pire, [D]    
There's a [D9]man that [Dm]you can h[D9]ire   [-]    [Dm]    
To p[B7]lant t[Cdim]rees so [B7]you    [Cdim]can have s[E7]hade.[E9]    [A]    [E7-9]    

On [A]Easy St[F#m]reet, [D9] I'm telling e[E7]veryo[A]ne I me[A7]et [D9]    
If I could [Dm6]live on Ea[A]sy St[F#7]reet    
[D9]I'd want no [E]job tod[F#7]ay,     [Edim]    [F#7]    
[Gdim] So pl     [D9]ease   [E7/6] go 'w     [D9]ay.    [Dm6]    [Am7]    

Easy Street, I'd love to live on Easy Street.
Nobody [E7-9]works on Easy Street --
Just lie around all day,
Just sit and[Bm7-5] play the [E7-9] hor - ses.

Life is sweet for folks who live on Easy Street
No weekly payments you must meet
That makes your hair turn grey.

When op - por - tu - nity comes knock - in',
You just keep on with your rock - in'
'Cause you know your for - tune's made;
And if the sun makes you per - spire,
There's a man that you can hire[-]
To plant trees so you can have shade. [E7-9]

On Easy Street, I'm telling everyone I meet
If I could live on Easy Street
I'd want no job today,
So please go 'way.


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