Does Your Heart Beat for Me?

T[Am7]hough    [Fdim] we s     [D]aid [Fdim]good - [Am7]bye    
[Cdim]When      [Am7]the m    [D]oon  [Fdim] was h     [Am7]igh,    
[D9]Does [Am7]your h[G]eart [Em7]beat    [Am7]    [Cdim] for m     [G]e?   [Am7]    [G]    
I [Am7]won - [Fdim]der      [D] if[Bm7] I     [Bbm7]still      [Am7]ling -[Fdim] er      [D]    
[Am7]In yo[G]ur   [Em7]mem     [Am7] -     [F#7]o - r    [G]y?   [Am7]    [G]    

[Am7]When     [Fdim]you h     [D]ear  [Fdim] my n     [Am7]ame,    
[Cdim] Is      [Am7]the th[D]rill[Fdim] the s     [Am7]ame    
[D9]As    [Am7] it o    [G]nce u[Em7]sed     [Am7]    [Gdim] to      [B7]be?   
When you're l[E]one - s[E7]ome,   [Bm7-5] my s      [A7]weet   [Em7] - h    [A7]eart,
First Time:
[Em7]Does     [A7]your he[D]art [Edim]beat      [Am7]    [Cdim] for      [G]me? [Em7]    [D9]    

Last Time:
[Em7]Does     [A7]your he[D]art [Edim]beat      [Am7]    [Cdim] for      [G]me? [C7alt]    [G]    

Though we said good - bye
When the moon was high,
Does your heart beat for me?
I won - der if I still ling - er
In your mem - o - ry?

When you hear my name,
Is the thrill the same
As it once used to be?
When you're lone - some,[Bm7-5] my sweet - heart,
First Time:
Does your heart beat for me?

Last Time:
Does your heart beat for me?


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