Song Author Joe Young , Sam M. Lewis og Harry Akst Lyrics by: Joe Young , Sam M. Lewis og Harry Akst Performer: Bing Crosby og The Mills Brothers Submitted by: Anonymous
[E]Di - n[E6]ah, [E] is there [E6]an - y - [Cdim]one      [E]fi - [E6]ner [E]    
In the [Edim]state of [Cdim]Car - o - [B7]li - [B7/9]na? [B7]    
If there[B7/9] is and you k[E]now [Edim] her,      [F#m7]show her to [B7]me.   

[E]Di - n[E6]ah, [E] with her [E6]Dix - ie [Cdim]eyes b     [E]la - [E6]zin' [E]    
How I [Edim]love to [Cdim]sit and g[B7]aze   [B7/9] in      [B7]    
To the [B7/9]eyes of [B7]Di - nah L[E]ee. [A7]    [E]    [G#7]    

[C#m]Ev' - ry night,[Am+7] why do I [C#m7] shake with fright?
'Ca[B7]use   [Cdim] my      [C#m]Di - nah might[F#7] change her [Gdim]mind a - [F#7]bout     [B7]me.    [F#m7]    [B7]    

[E]Di - n[E6]ah, [E] if she [E6]wan - der'd[Cdim] to C     [E]hi - [E6]na, [E]    
I would[Edim] hop an[Cdim] o - cean [B7]li -   [B7/9] ner [B7]    
Just to[B7/9] be with [B7]Di - nah L[E]ee! [A]    [Cdim]    [E]    

Di - nah, is there an - y - one fi - ner
In the state of Car - o - li - na?
If there is and you know her, show her to me.

Di - nah, with her Dix - ie eyes bla - zin'
How I love to sit and gaze in
To the eyes of Di - nah Lee.

Ev' - ry night, why do I shake with fright?
'Cause my Di - nah might change her mind a - bout me.

Di - nah, if she wan - der'd to Chi - na,
I would hop an o - cean li - ner
Just to be with Di - nah Lee!


  • E
  • E6
  • Cdim
  • Edim
  • B7
  • B7/9
  • F#m7
  • A7
  • G#7
  • C#m
  • Amaug7: not exist
  • C#m7
  • F#7
  • Gdim
  • A

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