Deeply in love

Song Author Hillsong Music Australia Submitted by: Anonymous
[Em]    [C]    [D]    [F#]    
[Em]    [C]    [D]    [F#]    
[Em]In my l[C]ife, You've hea[D]rd me say I love Y[G]ou   [F#]    
[Em]How do I[C] sh  [D]ow You it's t[G]ru  [F#]e   
[Em]Hear my he[C]art it longs[D] for more o[G]f You[F#]    
I've f[Am]allen deep[C]ly in love wi[D]th You

[Em]You    [C]have s[D]tolen my hear[G]t   [D/F#]    [Em]    
I'm captivated[C] by Yo[D]u [G]    [D/F#]    [Em]    
[C]Never will You[D] and [Em7]I par    [D]t   [C]    
I've fallen dee[D]ply in love with You

[Em]You and[C] I t[D]ogether fo[G]rev  [D/F#]er     
[Em]Nothing can stand i[C]n th[D]e way
[Em]My love for You[C] grows stronger each n[D]ew day [Am]    
I've falle[Am]n deepl[D]y in love with You

In my life, You've heard me say I love You
How do I show You it's true
Hear my heart it longs for more of You
I've fallen deeply in love with You

You have stolen my heart
I'm captivated by You
Never will You and I part
I've fallen deeply in love with You

You and I together forever
Nothing can stand in the way
My love for You grows stronger each new day
I've fallen deeply in love with You


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