Cool Yule

Song Author Steve Allen Lyrics by: Steve Allen Performer: Louis Armstrong Submitted by: Anonymous
[G]From Coney [E7]Island to The [Am7]Sunset St[D7]rip,   
[G]Somebody's [E7]gonna make a [Am7]happy t[D7]rip   
[Cdim] To - n[G]ight[B7],    [E7] while the m[Am7]oon is br[G]ight.

[G]He's gonna [E7]have a bag of [Am7]crazy t[D7]oys   
[D]To give the g[B7]roanies of the [E7]boys and [A7]girls;
[Cdim] So d     [G]ig,  [B7]    [E7] Santa c[Am7]omes     [D7]on b   [G]ig. [G7]    

He'll come a c[C]allin' [Cdim]when the s[Dm7]nows the m[G7]ost,   
When all you c[C]ats are [Cdim]sleepin' w[Dm7]arm as to[G7]ast;   
And [B7]you gonna [B7/F#]flip when[Cdim] Old Saint N[B7]ick   
T[E7]akes a [Bm7-5]lick on the [Am7]peppermint st[D7]ick.   

[G]He'll come a [E7]flyin' from a [Am7]higher [D7]place
[G]And fill the s[E7]tocking by the [Am7]fire p[D7]lace   
[Cdim] So y     [G]ou'll[B7],    [E7] have a y[Am7]ule t    [D7]hat's c[G]ool.[E7]    [C]    [Edim]    [D]    
H[D]ave a [Am7]yule t[D6]hat's c[G]ool!

From Coney Island to The Sunset Strip,
Somebody's gonna make a happy trip
To - night, while the moon is bright.

He's gonna have a bag of crazy toys
To give the groanies of the boys and girls;
So dig, Santa comes on big.

He'll come a callin' when the snows the most,
When all you cats are sleepin' warm as toast;
And you gonna flip when Old Saint Nick
Takes a [Bm7-5]lick on the peppermint stick.

He'll come a flyin' from a higher place
And fill the stocking by the fire place
So you'll, have a yule that's cool.
Have a yule that's cool!


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