Come Into The Holy Of Holies

Song Author John Sellers Submitted by: Anonymous
[Abmaj7]Come into the Holy o[Bbm/Ab]f Ho -        [Abmaj7]lies       
[Bbm7]Enter by the blood of the Lamb[Db/Eb]    [Eb/F]    
[Bbm7]Come into His presence with s[Cm/Bb]ing -       [Bbm7]ing      [Bbm7/Eb]    
[Abmaj7]Worship at the throne of [Db2/Eb]God (repeat)
[Dbmaj7]Lifting h[Cm7]oly     [Bbm7]hands      [Eb]    [Db]    
[Cm7]To the King of [Cm7/F]kings       [F7]    
[Bbm9]Wor -      [Bbm7]ship      [Bbm7/Eb]    

[Bbm/Ab]Je - s       [Ab]us    [Cm7]    [F7]    
[Bbm9]wor -      [Bbm7]ship      [Bbm7/Eb]    [Eb7]    
[Bbm/Ab]Je -        [Ab]sus    [Cm7/F]    [F]    

Come into the Holy of Ho - lies
Enter by the blood of the Lamb
Come into His presence with sing - ing
Worship at the throne of God (repeat)
Lifting holy hands
To the King of kings
Wor - ship

Je - sus
wor - ship
Je - sus


  • Abmaj7
  • Bbm/Ab
  • Bbm7
  • Db/Eb
  • Eb/F
  • Cm/Bb
  • Bbm7/Eb
  • Db2/Eb: not exist
  • Dbmaj7
  • Cm7
  • Eb
  • Db
  • Cm7/F
  • F7
  • Bbm9
  • Ab
  • Eb7
  • F

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