Cocktails For Two

Song Author Arthur Johnston og Sam Coslow Lyrics by: Arthur Johnston og Sam Coslow Performer: City Slickers og Spike Jones Submitted by: Anonymous
I[E7]n some secluded rendezv[A6]ous [Dm7b5]    [A6]    
That overlooks the aven[E7]ue    [Edim]    [E7]    
With someone sharing a del[Bm7b5]ightful c[E7]hat   
Of [Bm7b5]this and [E7]that and cock[A6]tails for[Edim] two. [E7]    

A[E7]s we enjoy a cigar[A6]ette [Dm7b5]    [A6]    
To some exquisite chanson[E7]ette [Edim]    [E7]    
Two hands are sure to slyly [Bm7b5]meet bene[E7]ath   
A [Bm7b5]sur-vi-e[E7]tte with cocktails for t[A6]wo. [D9]    [A]    

My head may go re[A7]el - [Edim]ing, [E7]    
But my h[Dm6]eart will be o-[A]be-d[D9]ient [A]    
With in[Cdim]toxicating [Bm7b5]kisses       [E7]for the [Bm7b5]prin-ci-p[E7]al in-g[A]re-  [Edim]dient. [E7]    

M[E7]ost any afternoon at f[A6]ive [Dm7b5]    [A6]    
We'll be so glad to be al[E7]ive [Edim]    [E7]    
Then maybe fortune will [Bm7b5]complete her [E7]plan   
That[Bm7b5] all be      [E7]gan with co[A6]cktails for [D9]two. [A]    

In some secluded rendezvous
That overlooks the avenue
With someone sharing a delightful chat
Of this and that and cocktails for two.

As we enjoy a cigarette
To some exquisite chansonette
Two hands are sure to slyly meet beneath
A sur-vi-ette with cocktails for two.

My head may go reel - ing,
But my heart will be o-be-dient
With intoxicating kisses for the prin-ci-pal in-gre-dient.

Most any afternoon at five
We'll be so glad to be alive
Then maybe fortune will complete her plan
That all began with cocktails for two.


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