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Song Author Irving Berlin Lyrics by: Irving Berlin Performer: Frank Sinatra Submitted by: Anonymous
[D6]Must you dance [Cdim]every dance
[Em7]With the same fortunate [Gdim]man? [A7]    
You have [F#m]danced with [Cdim]him since the music b[Em7]egan. [A7]    
[Em7]Won't [A7]you ch[G]ange[Edim] partners [A7]and d[D6]ance [Cdim]with m     [A7]e? [A7+5]    

[D6]Must you dance [Cdim]quite so close
[Em7]With your lips touching his [Gdim]face? [A7]    
Can't you [F#m]see I'm [Cdim]longing to be in his pl[Em7]ace? [A7]    
[Em7]Won't [A7]you ch[G]ange [Edim]part - n[A7]ers   [Gdim] and da[D]nce with me?

[G]Ask [G/F#]him to [Em]sit this o[B+]ne out w[Am7]hile you're alone, [D7]    
[G]I'll[G/F#] tell the w[Em]aiter to t[B+]ell him he's w[A7]anted[Em7] on the [D9]teleph[A7]one.   

[D6]You've been locked [B7]in his arms
[Em7]Ever since heaven-knows-[Gdim]when. [B7]    
Won't you [F#m]change [Cdim]partners and th[Em7]en, [A7]    
You may [Em7]never [A7]want to ch[G]ange [Edim]part - n[A7]ers ag[D]ain.

Must you dance every dance
With the same fortunate man?
You have danced with him since the music began.
Won't you change partners and dance with me?

Must you dance quite so close
With your lips touching his face?
Can't you see I'm longing to be in his place?
Won't you change part - ners and dance with me?

Ask him to sit this one out while you're alone,
I'll tell the waiter to tell him he's wanted on the telephone.

You've been locked in his arms
Ever since heaven-knows-when.
Won't you change partners and then,
You may never want to change part - ners again.


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