California Here I Come

Song Author Al Jolson , Bud De Sylva og Joseph Meyer Lyrics by: Al Jolson , Bud De Sylva og Joseph Meyer Performer: Al Jolson Submitted by: Anonymous
[D]Calif[D+]ornia, [G]here I come
[A]Right back [A7+5]where I s[D]tarted from.
[D]Where bowers[Fdim] of flowers b[Edim]loom in the s[A7]pring.
[D]Each morning[Fdim] at dawning,
[Edim]Birdies sing an' [A7]everything.
A s[D]unkist m[D+]iss said, "D[G]on't be late"
[A]That's why[A7+5] I can h[D]ardly wait.
[G]Open [Gm]up that [B7]Golden G[E7]ate,   
Calif[G]ornia [A7]here   [A7+5] I co     [D]me.  

California, here I come
Right back where I started from.
Where bowers of flowers bloom in the spring.
Each morning at dawning,
Birdies sing an' everything.
A sunkist miss said, "Don't be late"
That's why I can hardly wait.
Open up that Golden Gate,
California here I come.


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