Bring The Breaking

Song Author Vineyard Submitted by: Anonymous
[E]Bring [B]th  [A]e breaking in me
[C#m] Redu[B]ce m[A]e to love
Let You[E]r l  [B]if  [A]e now be lived th[B]rough me
[E] And the [B]walls [C#m]come     [B]dow  [A]n  

[A] Bring the [B]breaking
[A] Please [C#m]bring the [B]breaking

J[E]esus, [B]be my one desire
Puri[A]fy me wit[B]h   [C#m]holy    [A] fire
Let[E] my life br[B]ing glory to Your name
Please [C#m]change [B]my   [A]heart
A[C#m]nd ma    [B]ke   [A]me mor[E]e li[B]ke Yo[A]u  

Bring the breaking in me
Reduce me to love
Let Your life now be lived through me
And the walls come down

Bring the breaking
Please bring the breaking

Jesus, be my one desire
Purify me with holy fire
Let my life bring glory to Your name
Please change my heart
And make me more like You


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