Bright And Shining Star

Song Author Tim White Submitted by: Anonymous
[A]Lord I [C#m7]want to know,
[Bm7]All that I can [Esus]know a-[E]bout You,
[A]Lord I [C#m7]want to go,
[Bm7]Where You lead me [D/E]I will [E7]follow. [Dmaj7]    
Lord You [E]are,
My [A]bright and [E7]shining [F#m7]star,      [C#m7]    [Dmaj7]    
And I [E]know,
I'll [A]never [E7]be too [F#m7]far,      [C#m7]    [Dmaj7]    
From Your [E]love, [E7]    
You're [G]showing me the [F#m7]way,     
I [E]just want to o[Dmaj7]bey,      
Oh [G]teach me [F#m7]Lord I [E]pray.

Lord I want to know,
All that I can know a-bout You,
Lord I want to go,
Where You lead me I will follow.
Lord You are,
My bright and shining star,
And I know,
I'll never be too far,
From Your love,
You're showing me the way,
I just want to obey,
Oh teach me Lord I pray.


  • A
  • C#m7
  • Bm7
  • Esus: not exist
  • E
  • D/E
  • E7
  • Dmaj7
  • F#m7
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