Brians Song (The Hands of Time)

Song Author Michel Legrand Submitted by: Anonymous
[D]If the h[Dm7]ands of t[G]ime [A7]    
Were h[D]ands that [Dm7]I could ho[G]ld, [A7]    
[D]I'd keep them [Dm7]warm and [Bm]in my h[Bm7]ands    
They'd n[C]ot t[Gm7]urn c    [Em7]old. [A7]    

[D]Hand in [Dm7]hand we'd ch[G]oose [A7]    
The m[D]oments t[Dm7]hat should [Bm6]last,    
The l[F#m]ovely [F#m7]moments t[Bm]hat should [Bm7]have    
No [E7sus]future a[E]nd no p[A]ast.

The s[Am7]ummer from the top of a sw[A]ing,
The c[Am7]omfort in the sound of a l[Em7]ullaby,
The i[C]nnocence of leaves in the sp[E+7]ring,    
But m[Em7]ost of all the m[A6]oment when l[G]ove first t[Em7]ouched [A7]me.   

[D]All the [Dm7]happy d[G]ays [A7]    
Would ne[D]ver l[Dm7]earn to [Am7]fly     [D7]    
Un[Gm7]til the hands of t[D]ime would c[Bm7]hoose    
To [Em7]wave "G[A7]ood-b[D]ye."

If the hands of time
Were hands that I could hold,
I'd keep them warm and in my hands
They'd not turn cold.

Hand in hand we'd choose
The moments that should last,
The lovely moments that should have
No future and no past.

The summer from the top of a swing,
The comfort in the sound of a lullaby,
The innocence of leaves in the spring,
But most of all the moment when love first touched me.

All the happy days
Would never learn to fly
Until the hands of time would choose
To wave "Good-bye."


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