Body And Soul

Song Author Ed Heyman , Ed Sour , Fran Eyton og Johnn Green Lyrics by: Ed Heyman , Ed Sour , Fran Eyton og Johnn Green Performer: Ella Fitzgerald Submitted by: Anonymous
[Am7]My     [Am7/G]heart       [(cdim)]    [D7] is sad and l[D+5]onely;
[G6]For you I s[Am7]igh, for [Bm7]you     [Bbm7]dear      [Am7]on -    [Fdim] ly.     
[Am]Why    [Am7/G]haven't you s[B7]een it?
[Em7]I'm all for [D7/9]you      [D+5]body and s[G6]oul.   

[Am7]I     [Am7/G]spend my [Cdim]days in l[D7]ong - [D+5]ing    
[G6]And won - d'ring [Am7]why it's [Bm7]me y    [Bbm7]ou're w[Am7]rong -[Fdim] ing;     
[Am]I    [Am7/G]tell you I m[B7]ean it,
[Em7]I'm all for [D7/9]you b     [D+5]ody and s[G]oul. [F#7]    

[G]I can't bel[Em]ieve it, it's [G9]hard to conce[D7]ive it,
That [G]you turn aw[Am]ay    [D7/9]ro - m     [G]ance.
[Am7]Are you pre[Cdim]tending? It l[G9]ooks like the [F#7]ending,
Un[Am7]less I could [C]have [D7]one more ch[G]ance[F#7] to p    [F7]rove, d[E7]ear,   

[Am7]My     [Am7/G]life       [Cdim] a w[D7]reck you're [D+5]ma - king;
[G6]You know I'm [Am7]yours for j[Bm7]ust     [Bbm7]the      [Am7]ta -     [Fdim]king     
[Am]I'd    [Am7/G]gladly surr[B7]ender
My[Em7]self to you [D7/9]body      [D+5]and s    [G]oul.

My heart [(Cdim)] is sad and lonely;
For you I sigh, for you dear on - ly.
Why haven't you seen it?
I'm all for you body and soul.

I spend my days in long - ing
And won - d'ring why it's me you're wrong - ing;
I tell you I mean it,
I'm all for you body and soul.

I can't believe it, it's hard to conceive it,
That you turn away ro - mance.
Are you pretending? It looks like the ending,
Unless I could have one more chance to prove, dear,

My life a wreck you're ma - king;
You know I'm yours for just the ta - king
I'd gladly surrender
Myself to you body and soul.


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