Blue Boy

Song Author Boudleaux Bryant Performer: Jim Reeves Submitted by: Anonymous

[C]Blue boy [F]that's what they [C]call me
[F]Cause I'm so [C]lonely [G7]since I lost [C]you  
Blue boy [F]I'm known as [C]blue boy
[F]You found the [C]new boy and [G7]now we're [C]through

[F]I had a twinkle [C]in my eye
[G7]When our sweet love was [C]new  
[F]Now all I do is [C]moan and cry
[D7]And hunger after [G7]you   

[C]Blue boy [F]I'll be a [C]blue boy
[F]Until you [C]need me [G7]as I need [C]you  

Blue boy that's what they call me
Cause I'm so lonely since I lost you
Blue boy I'm known as blue boy
You found the new boy and now we're through

I had a twinkle in my eye
When our sweet love was new
Now all I do is moan and cry
And hunger after you

Blue boy I'll be a blue boy
Until you need me as I need you


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