Blame It On My Last Affair

Song Author Harry Nemo og Irving Mills Lyrics by: Harry Nemo og Irving Mills Performer: Harry James Submitted by: Anonymous
[E7]When I w[A]alk and I'm c[Edim]alled, and I [D9]don't turn like[Cdim] that,     
[E7]Should I [A]be intro[Edim]duced, and I [Am7]sound very [Cdim]flat,     
It i[A]sn't a [C#m7-5]grudge I [F#7]bear -- b[D9]lame it on my last af - f[F7]air. [E7]    

If I p[A]assed up my [Edim]plate, though the d[D9]ish is de[Cdim]lish,     
[E7]If I'm h[A]anded the [Edim]bone and I [Am7]don't care to [Cdim]wish,     
It i[A]sn't the[C#m7-5] bill of [F#7]fare -- b[D9]lame it[Bm7-5] on my       [Edim]last      [E7/6] af - f[A]air.[G7]    

[C]It hurt me[Am7] so, and[Dm7] oh, I don't k[G7]now   
[Edim] If I'll [F]ev - er [C7]live it th[F7/6]rough;     
T[A]here's no[C#m7-5] ex - cuse[Gdim] for this a - [F#7]buse    
[E]Com - ing from[Edim] one like [E7]you.   

[E7]If my [A]eyes fill with [Edim]tears at the l[D9]east love words [Cdim]said,     
[E7]If I'm [A]walk - ing the [Edim]park when I sh[D9]ould be in[Cdim] bed,     
It's n[A]ot that I[C#m7-5] need the[F#7] air -- b[D9]lame i[Bm7-5]t on my      [Edim] last     [E7/6] af - f[A]air.

When I walk and I'm called, and I don't turn like that,
Should I be introduced, and I sound very flat,
It isn't a [C#m7-5]grudge I bear -- blame it on my last af - fair.

If I passed up my plate, though the dish is delish,
If I'm handed the bone and I don't care to wish,
It isn't the[C#m7-5] bill of fare -- blame it[Bm7-5] on my last af - fair.

It hurt me so, and oh, I don't know
If I'll ev - er live it through;
There's no[C#m7-5] ex - cuse for this a - buse
Com - ing from one like you.

If my eyes fill with tears at the least love words said,
If I'm walk - ing the park when I should be in bed,
It's not that I[C#m7-5] need the air -- blame i[Bm7-5]t on my last af - fair.


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