Beyond the Sea

Song Author Charles Trenet Performer: Bobby Darin Submitted by: jonagust

[G7]Somew[C]here [Am]    [Dm7] bey[G7]ond the s[C]ea, [Am]    
Somewh[F]ere w[G7]aiting for [C]me, [E7]    [Am]    
[G7]My lover s[C]tands on [C7]golden sa[F]nds [A7]    [Dm7]    
And w[G7]atches the s[Am]hips [Cdim]that go [Dm7]sail [D7]- i[G7]ng.   

Somewh[C]ere [Am]    [Dm7] bey[G7]ond the s[C]ea, [Am]    
She's t[F]here, w[G7]atching for m[C]e. [E7]    [Am]    
[G7]If I could f[C]ly like [C7]birds on hi[F]gh, [A7]    [Dm7]    
Then st[G7]raight to her a[Am]rms   [Cdim] I'd go [Dm7]sail     [G7]- i   [C]ng. [Am]    [Cdim]    [B7]    

It's f[E]ar, [C#m7]    [A] bey[B7]ond a s[E]tar, [C#m7]    
It's n[A]ear, [B7]beyond the m[E]oon; [C#m7]    [Gdim]    [D7]    

I k[G]now [Em]    [Am7] bey[D7]ond a do[G]ubt [Em]    
[Am7]My h    [D7]eart will l[G]ead me [Gdim]there      [Edim]soon. [G7]    

We'll [C]meet [Am]    [Dm7] bey[G7]ond the sh[C]ore, [Am]    
We'll k[F]iss, [G7]just as be[C]fore; [E7]    [Am]    
H[G7]appy we'll [C]be, bey[C7]ond the [F]sea, [A7]    [Dm7]    
First Time:
And [G7]never a - [Am]gain [Cdim] I'll go [Dm7]sail     [G7]- i   [C]ng. [Am]    [Cdim]    [B7]    
Last Time:
And [G7]never a - [Am]gain   [Cdim] I'll go [Dm7]sail    [G7] - i   [C]ng. [Am]    [Dm7]    
[G7]No more s[C]ailin'[Am]    [Dm7]    [G7] bye-[C]bye s[Am]ailin'.[Dm7]    [Fdim]    [Cm7]    

Somewhere beyond the sea,
Somewhere waiting for me,
My lover stands on golden sands
And watches the ships that go sail - ing.

Somewhere beyond the sea,
She's there, watching for me.
If I could fly like birds on high,
Then straight to her arms I'd go sail - ing.

It's far, beyond a star,
It's near, beyond the moon;

I know beyond a doubt
My heart will lead me there soon.

We'll meet beyond the shore,
We'll kiss, just as before;
Happy we'll be, beyond the sea,
First Time:
And never a - gain I'll go sail - ing.
Last Time:
And never a - gain I'll go sail - ing.
No more sailin' bye-bye sailin'.


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