Beer Barrel Polka

[E7]There's a g[A]arden,[D9]    [A] w  [E7]hat a g[A]arden,[D9]    [A]    
[E7]Only h[A]ap - [F#m]py     [D9]fa -   [Cdim] ces      [Bm7-5]bloom th[E7]ere,   
[D9]And there's n[E7]ev - [D9]er    [E7]an    [Cdim]- y      [Bm7-5] room th[E7]ere   
[D9]For a [E7]wor - ry [D9]    [Cdim]    [Bm7-5] or a gl[A]oom there.[Edim]    [E7]    

[E7]Oh, there's [A]mu - sic [D9]    [A] a  [E7]nd there's d[A]ancing[D9],    [A]    
[E7]And a [A]lot  [F#m] of sw[D9]eet    [Cdim] ro -     [Bm7-5] man - c[E7]ing;   
W[E7]hen t[D9]hey p[E7]lay    [Cdim] the      [Bm7-5] pol -       [E7]ka,   
T[D9]hey    [E7]all    [D9]get    [E7]in    [Fdim] the s[A]wing.[D9]    [A]    

[A7]Ev' - ry t[D]ime [F#m]they     [Bm]hear that[Bm7/E] oom - pa - [D]pa, [Fdim]    [D]    
[Bm7-5] Ev' - ry - b[A]od -[D9] y f   [A]eels so [E7]tra - la - l[A]a, [D9]    [A]    
They[Bm7-5] want to t[E7]hrow th[D9]eir    [Cdim]cares     [Bm7-5] a - w[E7]ay, [D9]    [E7]    
They[Bm7-5] all go l[E7]ah - [D9]de - [E7]ah -   [Fdim] de - a[A]y.  

[A7]Then they [D]hear[F#m] a r    [Bm]um - ble[Bm7/E] on the fl[D]oor,[Fdim] the fl[D]oor --
[Bm7-5]It's the [A]big [D9]sur - p[A]rise they're [E7]wait - ing f[A]or. [D9]    [A]    
And[Bm7-5] all the c[E7]ou - pl[D9]es    [Cdim]form      [Bm7-5] a r[E7]ing, [D9]    [E7]    
[Bm7-5] And for m[E7]iles [D9]a - r[E7]ound you'll [Fdim]hear them s[A]ing.

[A]Roll [E7]out the b[A]ar - [A6]rel, [A]we'll [A6]have [A]a bar -[Edim] rel of f[E7]un;   
[D9]Roll [Bm]out the [D9]bar - [E7]rel, [D9]we've [E7]got    [D9]the    [Bm7-5]blues       [Cdim] on the r[A]un.  
[A]Zing [E7]boom ta - r[A]ar - [A6]rel, r[A]ing [A6]out    [A]a   [A7/6]song      [A7]of good ch[D]eer;
[Bm]Now's the [Bm7/E]time to      [Bm7-5] roll       [Cdim] the      [A6]bar - r[A]el, [F#7]    
For the g[D9]ang's [E7]all he[A]re.  

There's a garden, what a garden,
Only hap - py fa - ces [Bm7-5]bloom there,
And there's nev - er an - y [Bm7-5] room there
For a wor - ry [Bm7-5] or a gloom there.

Oh, there's mu - sic and there's dancing,
And a lot of sweet ro -[Bm7-5] man - cing;
When they play the [Bm7-5] pol - ka,
They all get in the swing.

Ev' - ry time they hear that oom - pa - pa,
[Bm7-5] Ev' - ry - bod - y feels so tra - la - la,
They[Bm7-5] want to throw their cares[Bm7-5] a - way,
They[Bm7-5] all go lah - de - ah - de - ay.

Then they hear a rum - ble on the floor, the floor --
[Bm7-5]It's the big sur - prise they're wait - ing for.
And[Bm7-5] all the cou - ples form [Bm7-5] a ring,
[Bm7-5] And for miles a - round you'll hear them sing.

Roll out the bar - rel, we'll have a bar - rel of fun;
Roll out the bar - rel, we've got the [Bm7-5]blues on the run.
Zing boom ta - rar - rel, ring out a song of good cheer;
Now's the time to[Bm7-5] roll the bar - rel,
For the gang's all here.


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