Baubles, Bangles And Beads

Song Author Billy May , George Forrest og Robert Wright Performer: Peggy Lee Submitted by: kjartansverrisson

[Dm7]Baubles, [G7]bangles, [Cm7]hear how they j[Am]ing, jing-a-[Cdim]ling-a,
[Dm7]Baubles, [G7]bangles, [Cm7]bright shiny beads.

[F#m7]Sparkles, sp[B7]angles, m[E]y heart will [C#m7]sing, sing-a[Fdim(iii)]-ling-a,          
[F#m7]Wearing b[B7]aubles, b[E]angles and be[E7]ads.   

[Bm7]I'll gl[E7]itter and g[Am7]leam     [F#m]so,    
Dm7 G7 CM7 CM7/6
Make somebody dream so that,

[Dm7]Someday [G7]he may [Cm7]buy me a r[A7]ing, ring-a-[Fdim]ling-a,
[Dm7]I've heard [G7]that's where it [Cm7]leads,
[Fdim]Wear - [Cm7]ing b    [Dm7]aubles and b[G7]angles and b[C]eads.

Baubles, bangles, hear how they jing, jing-a-ling-a,
Baubles, bangles, bright shiny beads.

Sparkles, spangles, my heart will sing, sing-a[Fdim(III)]-ling-a,
Wearing baubles, bangles and beads.

I'll glitter and gleam so,
Dm7 G7 CM7 CM7/6
Make somebody dream so that,

Someday he may buy me a ring, ring-a-ling-a,
I've heard that's where it leads,
Wear - ing baubles and bangles and beads.


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