Bali Hai

Song Author Richard Rodgers og Oscar Hammerstein II Performer: Perry Como Submitted by: jonagust

[E]Bali [Gdim]Ha'i may [Edim]call      [E]you, any [Gdim]night,     [Edim] any d     [E]ay,  
[E]In your [Gdim]heart, you'll hear it [Edim]call y     [E]ou:  
"Co[E]me aw[C]ay.  [B7]..Come aw[E]ay."

[E]Bali [Gdim]Ha'i will [Edim]whis - p[E]er in the[Gdim] wind      [Edim] of the s[E]ea:  
[E]"Here am[Gdim] I, your s[Am7]pecial[Edim] is -      [E]land!
[E]Come to [C]me, c[B7]ome to [E]me!"

Y[E7]our o[A]wn s[Bb9]pecial hop[A]es, your o[G]wn   [Em7]special dr[A]eams,
B[F#m]loom on the h[Bm]illside and s[C]hine in the st[B7]reams.

[E]If you[Gdim] try, you'll [Edim]find m     [E]e where the[Gdim] sky m     [Edim]eets the [E]sea.
[E]"Here am[Gdim] I, your special [Edim]is - l     [E]and!
[E]Come to [C]me, c[B7]ome to [E]me!"
[E]Bali [A9]Ha'i, Bali [B7]Ha'i, Bali [E6]Ha'i!

Bali Ha'i may call you, any night, any day,
In your heart, you'll hear it call you:
"Come away...Come away."

Bali Ha'i will whis - per in the wind of the sea:
"Here am I, your special is - land!
Come to me, come to me!"

Your own special hopes, your own special dreams,
Bloom on the hillside and shine in the streams.

If you try, you'll find me where the sky meets the sea.
"Here am I, your special is - land!
Come to me, come to me!"
Bali Ha'i, Bali Ha'i, Bali Ha'i!


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