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Song Author Heino Gaze og Sunny Skylar Performer: Nat King Cole Submitted by: jonagust

A[G]sk me [D9]if I l[E7]ove you, a[C]sk how [Edim]much I c[D7]are;   
C[G]ount the [Cdim]stars ab[Em6]ove you, the [G9]answer is t[A]here.
A[Em]sk how [B7]much I n[C]eed you[Edim], d     [G]arling, [B7]I'd re[E7]ply,   
"[C]Can you c[Em7]ount the r[A7]ipples in st[C]reams [Cdim]passing [D+]by?"   

A[G]sk me [D9]if I'd m[E7]iss you, [C]if our [Edim]dreams fell th[D7]rough --
W[Em]ould the s[B7]ummer [C]ro - [Em7]ses m    [Am]iss the [Am7]morning d[D7]ew?   
A[G]sk me [B7]if I'll [E7-9]love you[E7] when y[C9]ears have f[Am7]lown a -[Cdim] way --
D[G]arling, [D9]I will l[E7]ove you m[C]uch [Em7]more t[D9]han   [Cdim] to - d[G]ay.  

Ask me if I love you, ask how much I care;
Count the stars above you, the answer is there.
Ask how much I need you, darling, I'd reply,
"Can you count the ripples in streams passing by?"

Ask me if I'd miss you, if our dreams fell through --
Would the summer ro - ses miss the morning dew?
Ask me if I'll [E7-9]love you when years have flown a - way --
Darling, I will love you much more than to - day.


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