Around The World

Song Author Harold Adamson og Victor Young Lyrics by: Harold Adamson og Victor Young Performer: Montovani Submitted by: Anonymous
[G]Around the wo[D7]rld I've sea[G6]rched for y[G]ou;  
I traveled o[G6]n when hope was[Fdim] gone     
To keep a r[Am7]endezvo[D7]us.   
I k[Am7]new somewh[D7]ere, somet[Am7]ime, some[D7]how,   
You'd look at [Am]me and I would [D9]see   
The smile you're s[G6]mil-   [G]ing n[D7]ow.   

It mi[G]ght have bee[D7]n in C[G6]ounty Do[G]wn,  
Or in New Y[G6]ork, or gay Pa[Fdim]ree,     
Or even [Am]London town.
No [C6]more will [Gdim] I go all aro[G]und  [Bm7-5] the wo      [E]rld  
For[(e7)] I have f[Am7]ound my w[D7]orld in y[G]ou.  

Around the world I've searched for you;
I traveled on when hope was gone
To keep a rendezvous.
I knew somewhere, sometime, somehow,
You'd look at me and I would see
The smile you're smil-ing now.

It might have been in County Down,
Or in New York, or gay Paree,
Or even London town.
No more will I go all around[Bm7-5] the world
For[(E7)] I have found my world in you.


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