Arise Oh Lord

Song Author Vineyard Submitted by: Anonymous
[Em]Hear us L[D]ord  
[Em]Hear us [D]now, Lord have [C]merc[G]y [C]    [G]    
[Em]Hear our p[D]rayer
[Em]Hear our c[D]ry for rev[C]iva  [G]l   [C]    [G]    

Rele[F]ase your power
B[C]reak our chains, set us free[Em]    [D]    [C]    [G]    
L[F]et us feel
Your j[C]oy again, set us free[Em]    [D]    
L[C]ord,[G] come h[Am]eal us[Dsus7]    

Arise[G],   [C]oh Lord[D]    [Em]    
[G]Demonstr[C]ate your [D]powe[G]r  
Arise[G],   [C]oh Lord[D]    [Em]    
[G]Demonstr[C]ate your [D]pow  [Em]er    [D]    
[C]Demonstr[G]ate your [Dsus]pow -     [D] e  [C]r   [G]    

Hear us Lord
Hear us now, Lord have mercy
Hear our prayer
Hear our cry for revival

Release your power
Break our chains, set us free
Let us feel
Your joy again, set us free
Lord, come heal us

Arise, oh Lord
Demonstrate your power
Arise, oh Lord
Demonstrate your power
Demonstrate your pow - er


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