Arent You Glad You´re You

Song Author James Van Heusen og Johnny Burke Performer: Doris Day og Les Brown Submitted by: jonagust

[D]Every [F#m]time you're [E7]near a rose,
[A7(v)]Aren't       [G]you g[D]lad y[A7]ou've g[D]ot a n[A7]ose?   
[A7(v)]And if t[G]he d[D]awn [A7]is f   [D]resh w[A7]ith    [Bm]dew, [G]    
[G/F#]Aren't you g[E7]lad    [Bm7-5]you're       [A7]you?   

[D]When a [F#m]meadowl[E7]ark appears,
[A7(v)]Aren't       [G]you g[D]lad y[A7]ou've g[D]ot two e[A7]ars?   
[A7(v)]And if y[G]our h[D]eart [A7]is s   [D]ing - [A7]in'    [Bm]too, [G]    
[G/F#]Aren't you g[E7]lad y[A7]ou're y[D]ou?  

Y[A]ou can [Cdim]see a      [Bm7-5] sum - mer [Gdim]sky,     
[A7]Or t   [D9]ouch a f[F#m]riendly h[B7]and,   
Or t[Em7]aste an[Edim] ap - ple p[A7]ie --
[D]Pardon the g[F#7]rammar, but [E7]ain't life gr[A7]and?   

[D]And when [F#m]you wake[E7] up each morn,
[A7(v)]Aren't       [G]you g[D]lad t[A7]hat y[D]ou were b[A7]orn?   
[A7(v)]Think       [G]what you've g[D]ot t[A7]he w   [D]hole d[A7]ay thr[Bm]ough [G]--  
[G/F#]Aren't you g[E7]lad y[A7]ou're y[D]ou? [F#7]    [B7]    
[G/F#]Aren't you g[E7]lad y[A7]ou're y[D]ou?  

Every time you're near a rose,
[A7(V)]Aren't you glad you've got a nose?
[A7(V)]And if the dawn is fresh with dew,
Aren't you glad [Bm7-5]you're you?

When a meadowlark appears,
[A7(V)]Aren't you glad you've got two ears?
[A7(V)]And if your heart is sing - in' too,
Aren't you glad you're you?

You can see a [Bm7-5] sum - mer sky,
Or touch a friendly hand,
Or taste an ap - ple pie --
Pardon the grammar, but ain't life grand?

And when you wake up each morn,
[A7(V)]Aren't you glad that you were born?
[A7(V)]Think what you've got the whole day through --
Aren't you glad you're you?
Aren't you glad you're you?


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