April Showers

Song Author Buddy G. DeSylva og Louis Silvers Lyrics by: Buddy G. DeSylva og Louis Silvers Performer: Al Jolson Submitted by: Anonymous
[D]Life is [Em7]not a h[A]ighway st[Em7]rewn with f[D]lowers;[A7]    
S[D]till it [Em7]holds a g[A]oodly s[Em7]hare of bl[D]iss;
[F#m]When the [Bm]sun gives [F#m]way to [Fdim]April sh[F#m]owers, [B7]    
H[A]ere's the [Bm7-5]point that y[E7]ou should[Bm7-5] never mi[A]ss.  [Em7]    [D9]    [A7]    

T[A]hough[Am7] A - p[A]ril s[A7]howers, m[A]ay c[E7]ome y[A]our w[D9]ay,   
T[A]hey b[Am7]ring t[A]he f[A7]lowers, t[A]hat b[E7]loom [A]in M[D9]ay,   
[D]So   [Em7]if i    [E7]t's r[B7]aining, have[Cdim] no regr[Em]ets, [B+]    
Beca[Em7]use it [E7]isn't r[Bm7-5]aining r[E7]ain, you [Cdim]know,     
It's r[A]ainin[Cm7-5]g vi - o - l[A]ets.
[A]And w[Am7]hen y    [A]ou   [A7]see clouds, [A]up - [E7]on t   [A]he h[D9]ills,
[A]You s[Am7]oon w    [A]ill [B7]see crowds, of [Cdim]daf - fo - d[Em]ils.   
So k[B+]eep on l[G]ooking [G/F#]for a b[Em7]luebird, [Gdim]    
And l[D]isten [Bm7]for his s[B7]ong   
When[G]ever [E7]April s[A7]howers c[Em7]ome     [A7]a - lo[D]ng.  

Life is not a highway strewn with flowers;
Still it holds a goodly share of bliss;
When the sun gives way to April showers,
Here's the [Bm7-5]point that you should[bm7-5] never miss.

Though A - pril showers, may come your way,
They bring the flowers, that bloom in May,
So if it's raining, have no regrets,
Because it isn't r[Bm7-5]aining rain, you know,
It's rainin[Cm7-5]g vi - o - lets.
And when you see clouds, up - on the hills,
You soon will see crowds, of daf - fo - dils.
So keep on looking for a bluebird,
And listen for his song
Whenever April showers come a - long.


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