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Song Author Al Jolson og Saul Chaplin Lyrics by: Al Jolson og Saul Chaplin Performer: Al Jolson Submitted by: Anonymous
[E]Oh, how[Esus4] we da      [E]nced on the n[Am]ight [A9]we w   [Am]ere wed;
We v[Dm]owed [D9]our t[Dm]rue l[Am]ove th[A9]ough   [Am] a w   [E]ord  [Fdim] was - [E]n't s[Am]aid.   
The [E]world was[Esus4] in bl      [E]oom, there were s[Am]tars [A9]in    [Am]the skies,
Ex[Dm]cept [D9]for    [Dm]the f[Am]ew t   [A9]hat    [Am]were t[E]here[Fdim] in y     [E]our e[Am]yes.   

[F]Dear, as I h[Dm7]eld you so c[G9]lose [G]in   [Bm7-5] my ar      [C]ms,  
[F]Angels were s[Dm7]inging a [G9]hymn [G]to   [Bm7-5]your ch      [C]arms,
Two h[Dm]earts gently [Dm+7]beating were m[Dm7]urmuring [Am]low,   
"My [Dm7]darling, I l[Am]ove    [E7]you    [Am]so."   

The [E]night seemed[Esus4] to f      [E]ade into [Am]blos - [A9]som - [Am]ing dawn;
The [Dm]sun s[D9]hone [Dm]a -    [Am]new    [A9]but    [Am]the d[E]ance l[Fdim]ing -      [E]ered o[Am]n.   
Could [E]we but[Esus4] re - li[E]ve that sweet [Am]mo - m[A9]ent s[Am]ublime,
We'd [Dm]find [D9]that [Dm]our l[Am]ove    [A9]is    [Am]un - [E]al - [Fdim]tered      [E]by t[Am]ime.   

Oh, how we danced on the night we were wed;
We vowed our true love though a word was - n't said.
The world was in bloom, there were stars in the skies,
Except for the few that were there in your eyes.

Dear, as I held you so close in [Bm7-5] my arms,
Angels were singing a hymn to [Bm7-5]your charms,
Two hearts gently beating were murmuring low,
"My darling, I love you so."

The night seemed to fade into blos - som - ing dawn;
The sun shone a - new but the dance ling - ered on.
Could we but re - live that sweet mo - ment sublime,
We'd find that our love is un - al - tered by time.


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