Angel On My Shoulder

Song Author Shelby Flint Lyrics by: Shelby Flint Performer: Shelby Flint Submitted by: Anonymous

[A7]Got an [G]angel [A7]on my sh[D]oul - [G/B]der [D]    
Got a p[G/B]enny in my [D]poc - [G/B]ket [D]    
And I f[G/B]ound a four leaf c[A7]lo - [Em7]ver [A7]    
And I [Em7]put it [A7]in my [D]loc - [G/B]ket     [D]    
[A7]Wished on [G]all the [A7]stars ab[D]ove [G/B]me [D]    
And I [G/B]caught the nearest r[D]ain  [G/B]bow     [D]    
Gonna [G/B]find someone to l[A7]ove    [Em7]me     [A7]    
Gonna f[Em7]ind someo[A7]ne to [D]love [G]    [D]    

Well I t[D7]ossed a lot of nickels in the w[G]ishing well,
[Â]An  [Em7]d saved the fortunes t[A7]hat the fortune c[G]ookies te[D]ll;  
[Â]I g  [D7]ot a lucky penny and a mu[]stard seed,
[Â]But a w[Em7]arm and tender lo[A7]ve is a[Em7]ll I ne[A]ed.  

[A7]And I w[G]ant a l[A7]ove that [D]lin - [G/B]gers, [D]    
And a [G/B]strong one through and t[D]hrough,[G/B]    [D]    
So I'm g[G/B]onna cross my [A7]fin - [Em7]gers     [A7]    
That I'll f[Em7]ind a [A7]boy who l[D]oves [F#m]me t    [Bm]rue, [Bm7]    
[A7]And I'm [Em7]gonna l[A7]ove him t[D]oo. [G/B]    [D]    
[A7]And I'm g[Em7]onna l[A7]ove him t[D]oo. [G/B]    [D]    

Got an angel on my shoul - der
Got a penny in my poc - ket
And I found a four leaf clo - ver
And I put it in my loc - ket
Wished on all the stars above me
And I caught the nearest rainbow
Gonna find someone to love me
Gonna find someone to love

Well I tossed a lot of nickels in the wishing well,
[Â]And saved the fortunes that the fortune cookies tell;
[Â]I got a lucky penny and a mu[GÂ]stard seed,
[Â]But a warm and tender love is all I need.

And I want a love that lin - gers,
And a strong one through and through,
So I'm gonna cross my fin - gers
That I'll find a boy who loves me true,
And I'm gonna love him too.
And I'm gonna love him too.


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