And the angels sing

Song Author Hillsong Music Australia Submitted by: Anonymous
[D9]We m   [A]eet, [D9] and the[Bm7/5] an - ge[E7]ls si[A]ng, [Amaj7]    [C#m7]    
The [F#m]angels [Bm7]sing the [Bm7/5]sweetest so[E7]ng I e[D9]ver hea[A]rd. [C#m7]    [D9]    [E7]    
[E7]You s[A]peak, [D9] and the[Bm7/5] an - ge[E7]ls si[A]ng --[C#m7]    

Or [F#m]am I b[Bm7]reathing [Bm7/5]music i      [E7]n - to e[D9]v - 'ry wor[A]d?  

[A]Sudden[A7]ly, the s[G]etting is st[A]range:
[A]I can see w[G]ater [G/F#]and mo     [Em7]onlight b[D9]eam - in[A]g,  
[A]Silver w[A7]aves that br[G]eak on some [Em7]undisc[D9]overed sh[A]ore.
Then s[A]udden[A7]ly, I s[G]ee it all ch[A]ange:
[A]Long winter ni[G]ghts w[G/F#]ith the c[Em7]andles g[D9]leam - i[A]ng,  
[E7]Through it all your f[D9]ace that[Bm7/5] I ador[A]e.  

[D9]You s[A]mile,[D9] and the[Bm7/5] an - ge[E7]ls si[A]ng [C#m7]    
And t[F#m]hough it's [Bm7]just a[Bm7/5] gentle m[E7]urmur a[D9]t the sta[A]rt, [C#m7]    [D9]    [E7]    
[E7] We ki[A]ss, [D9] and the[Bm7/5] an - ge[E7]ls si[A]ng [C#m7]    
And l[F#m]eave their [Bm7]music    [Bm7/5] ringing i[E7]n m   [D9]y he   [A]art. [D9]    [A]    

We meet, and the an - gels sing,
The angels sing the sweetest song I ever heard.
You speak, and the an - gels sing --

Or am I breathing music in - to ev - 'ry word?

Suddenly, the setting is strange:
I can see water and moonlight beam - ing,
Silver waves that break on some undiscovered shore.
Then suddenly, I see it all change:
Long winter nights with the candles gleam - ing,
Through it all your face that I adore.

You smile, and the an - gels sing
And though it's just a gentle murmur at the start,
We kiss, and the an - gels sing
And leave their music ringing in my heart.


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