Am I blue

Song Author Willie Nelson Submitted by: Anonymous
[A7]Am    [A7/5+] I blu      [D6]e?    [Dmaj7]    [F#m7]    

[B9]Am I b[Em7]lue? [Em6]    [A9]    

[A9/5+]Ain't these te[F#m7]ars i     [B9]n my e[E7]yes t[Bm]ellin' y[A7]ou? [D6/9]    [Bm7]    [Em7]    [A7]    

[A7/5+]Am I blu[D6]e?    [Dmaj7]    [D6/9]    

You'd be, t[Em7]oo, [A7sus4]    [A7]    

[A6]If each p[D6]lan w[C7]ith y[B7]our m[E7]an j   [B7]ust f[B9]ell t[D6]hrough. [Fdim]    


[F]Was a [F#m7]time I was his[Fdim(iii)] only one; [Fdim]    

[Fdim(iii)] Now I'm           [Fdim] the sad and l[F#m]onely one. [Em7]    [A7]    

[A7/5+]Was I ga[D]y? [Dmaj7]    [D6/9]    

'Til to[Em7]day? [A7sus4]    [A7]    

[A6]Now he's g[D6]one a[C7]nd w   [B7]e're thr[E7]ough ? [Bb9]am I b[A9]lue? [D6]    [Bm7]    [Fdim]    

A[A7]m I b[D6]lue? [Cdim]    [Fdim]    [Bb9]    [A9]    [D6]    [Bm7]    [Dsus4]    

[Bm6]Am     [A7]I bl   [D9]ue?   

Am I blue?

Am I blue?

Ain't these tears in my eyes tellin' you?

Am I blue?

You'd be, too,

If each plan with your man just fell through.


Was a time I was his[Fdim(III)] only one;

[Fdim(III)] Now I'm the sad and lonely one.

Was I gay?

'Til today?

Now he's gone and we're through ? am I blue?

Am I blue?

Am I blue?


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