All the way

Song Author Michael Bolton Submitted by: Anonymous
[C]When so[Fdim]mebody [C]loves you[C/B] it's no [Am7]good un[Fdim]less he l[E7]oves you [A9]all the [D9]way,   
[G]Happy[Cdim] to be [Dm7]near you w[G7]hen you [G/B]need som[Edim]eone to ch[G7]eer you,
[C9]All t[C]he w[Gm7]ay. [C7]    
[F]Taller than the t[G]allest [Bm7/5-]tree is --
[E7]That's how it's got to[Am] feel.[G#m]    [Cm7/5-]    
[F]Deeper than the d[G7]eep blue[Gdim] sea is --
[Am]That's how deep it [Am7]goes, [D7]if its[Dm7/5-] real.        [G7]    

[C]When so[Fdim]mebody [C]needs you[C/B] it's no [Am7]good un[Fdim]less he n[E7]eeds you [A9]all the [D9]way;   
[G]Through the [Cdim]good or l[Dm7]ean years [G7]and for [G/B]all the[Edim] in bet[G7]ween years,
[C9]Come w[C]hat [Gm7]may. [C7]    
[F]Who know where the r[G]oad will [Bm7/5-]lead us?       
[E]Only a f[E7]ool would [Am]say   
[Fm]But    [C]if you'll [Am]let me l[C]ove you[C/B] it's for [Em]sure I'm gonna [A7]love you
[F]All t[G]he   [Em7]way,     [A7]    
[Dm7]all     [G7]the w[C]ay.  

When somebody loves you it's no good unless he loves you all the way,
Happy to be near you when you need someone to cheer you,
All the way.
Taller than the tallest [Bm7/5-]tree is --
That's how it's got to feel. [Cm7/5-]
Deeper than the deep blue sea is --
That's how deep it goes, if its[Dm7/5-] real.

When somebody needs you it's no good unless he needs you all the way;
Through the good or lean years and for all the in between years,
Come what may.
Who know where the road will [Bm7/5-]lead us?
Only a fool would say
But if you'll let me love you it's for sure I'm gonna love you
All the way,
all the way.


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