All Night Long

Song Author Curtis Lewis og Alan Silvestri Lyrics by: Curtis Lewis og Alan Silvestri Performer: Diana Krall
[Em]    [A]    [Em]    [A]    
Ne[Em]ver knew the s[D9]oftness [Em6]of his tender k[A7]iss,   
D[Em]on't know if he's w[B+]eak or st[B7]rong;
[Am7]All I know is,[Cdim] he's every d[C]ream I d[A7]ream   
[Cdim]All n     [B7]ight l[Em]ong. [A]    [Em]    [B7]    

Ne[Em]ver heard him [D9]say a s[Em6]ingle word of l[A7]ove,   
[Em]Don't know his [Edim]fate or his s[B7]ong;   
[Am7]Cause he only [Cdim]speaks to me in dre[C]ams I've dr[A7]eamed
[Cdim]All night l[B7]ong.   

W[Am]hen I sleep, he t[B7]ells me he's in l[Em]ove with me,
[Am]And how much he n[B7]eeds me to be n[Em]ear;   
B[C]ut at best my d[D7]ream is just a f[G6]antasy --
If I t[Am]ouch his hand,[Edim] he'll disapp[B7]ear, [D9]no no [B7]no!   

I [Em]don't want a l[D9]ove that's [Em6]just a memo[A7]ry --
[Em]Fate how could yo[Edim]u be so w[B7]rong?
[Am7]Now I've got to [Cdim]find the man w[C]ho's haunting [A7]me   
[Cdim]All n     [B7]ight l[Em]ong.   

Never knew the softness of his tender kiss,
Don't know if he's weak or strong;
All I know is, he's every dream I dream
All night long.

Never heard him say a single word of love,
Don't know his fate or his song;
Cause he only speaks to me in dreams I've dreamed
All night long.

When I sleep, he tells me he's in love with me,
And how much he needs me to be near;
But at best my dream is just a fantasy --
If I touch his hand, he'll disappear, no no no!

I don't want a love that's just a memory --
Fate how could you be so wrong?
Now I've got to find the man who's haunting me
All night long.


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