All By Myself

Song Author Irving Berlin Lyrics by: Irving Berlin Performer: Bobby Darin Submitted by: Anonymous
[A]All by my[Cdim]self in the m[A]orning [F#m]    
[E7]All by m[Bm7-5]yself       [Cdim] in the n[A]ight
I sit al[Am7]one with a [F#7]table and a [B7]chair
[E7]So un -[Cdim] hap - py [Bm7-5]there, p[E7]lay - ing[Cdim] sol      [Bm7-5]- i - ta[E7]ire   
[A]All by my[Cdim]self, I get l[A]onely [F#m]    
[G#7]Watching the[Ebm7-5] clock        [F#7] on the s[C#7]helf    
I'd [Fdim(iii)] love to r[D]est my [Bm7-5]weary       [Cdim]head     
On [Fdim]some - bod - y's s[A]houl[Am7] -     [F#7]der    
I [Cdim]hate to grow [B7]old - er [E7] all[Bm7-5] by mys[A]elf  

All by myself in the morning
All by m[Bm7-5]yself in the night
I sit alone with a table and a chair
So un - hap - py [Bm7-5]there, play - ing sol [Bm7-5]- i - taire
All by myself, I get lonely
Watching the[Ebm7-5] clock on the shelf
I'd [Fdim(III)] love to rest my [Bm7-5]weary head
On some - bod - y's shoul - der
I hate to grow old - er all[Bm7-5] by myself


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