Adventure Time - Sleepy Puppies

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Do[C]n't be weepy sle[E7]epy puppies
sl[F]ip your slippers o[G7]n your footies
i[C]n the morning yo[E7]u'll get goodies
pu[F]ppy hats and pu[E7]ppy hoodies
[Cmaj7]no stripes o[G7]r polka-do[Cmaj7]ts [G7]    
[Cmaj7]Heather gray and f[G7]eather s[Cmaj7]oft [G7]    
[Cmaj7]baby pink or b[G7]aby bl[Cmaj7]ue [E7]    
[F]all the draw strings y[G7]ou can c[Cmaj7]hew      

Don't be weepy sleepy puppies
slip your slippers on your footies
in the morning you'll get goodies
puppy hats and puppy hoodies
no stripes or polka-dots
Heather gray and feather soft
baby pink or baby blue
all the draw strings you can chew


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