A Poor Mans Roses

Song Author Bob Hillard og Milton DeLugg Performer: Patsy Cline Submitted by: Anonymous

[G7]I must make up my [C]mind today
[F]What to have what to hold
A [Em]poor man's [Dm]roses
[G7]Or a rich man's [C]gold

[G7]One's as wealthy as a [C]king in a palace
Though he's cal[F]lous and [C]cold
He may [Em]learn to give his [Dm]heart for love
[G7]Instead of buying it with [C]gold

Then the poor man's [F]roses
[G7]Or the thrill when we [C]kiss
Will be [D7]memories of [Fm]paradise
[Dm7]That I'll never [G7]miss [F]    

[G7]And yet the hand that brings the [C]rose tonight
Is the hand [F]I will [C]hold
For the [Em]rose of love means [Dm]more to me
More than [G7]any rich man's [C]gold

I must make up my mind today
What to have what to hold
A poor man's roses
Or a rich man's gold

One's as wealthy as a king in a palace
Though he's callous and cold
He may learn to give his heart for love
Instead of buying it with gold

Then the poor man's roses
Or the thrill when we kiss
Will be memories of paradise
That I'll never miss

And yet the hand that brings the rose tonight
Is the hand I will hold
For the rose of love means more to me
More than any rich man's gold


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